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How Proficient Can a UX Bootcamp Make You?

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What can you expect from getting a UX education (bootcamps, online courses, university programs)? Unraveling the debate on Bootcamps. About this Event Bootcamps and other CX/UX schools are always a hot debate and very polarizing. But why is there so much conflict and disagreement? How can the school tell you your work is great and […]

Crafting Design Principles Part 2: Putting Principles Into Practice

Design principles are used to guide the process. No matter your experience level, join us for how to use and apply design principles. About this event: What are design principles? Design principles are value statements which describe the most important goals a specific product or project should deliver to users. Why are design principles important? […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 101: DEI Basics

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In UX, we might think we celebrate and support differences in the name of benefiting our products and our team. How can we do better? About this Event Widespread protests have filled the streets in every U.S. state and around the world almost daily since George Floyd’s murder at the hands of Minneapolis police late […]