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Crafting Design Principles Part 2: Putting Principles Into Practice

April 26, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm PDT

Design principles are used to guide the process. No matter your experience level, join us for how to use and apply design principles.

About this event:

What are design principles? Design principles are value statements which describe the most important goals a specific product or project should deliver to users.
Why are design principles important? Design principles are important because once they are defined, they can be used to frame decisions—providing alignment and supporting consistency across teams and stakeholders within an organization.

You will learn:

  • An understanding of design principles and the role they play for an organization.\
  • What principles UXPALA has crafted and what are next steps
  • Implementation and testing of principles
  • A forum to connect with a network of like-minded UX professionals in the LA area.

UXPALA and design principles:

As a volunteer-driven organization, we rely on each and everyone of our volunteers to help us define the design principles that guide the organization. From the content we curate to the events we produce, as well as the organization’s very presence in the broader industry, design principles can help us create a professional association that reflects the values of its community.

Through this event, we hope to provide both an opportunity to newcomers in the UX community—to explore the value of design principles and a process for their creation—as well as a forum for our community to voice what they value in a professional UX association.

Event Schedule:

  • Introduction to UXPALA and the event
  • What are Design Principles?
  • What’s happened since we last met
  • Implementation and use of principles


  • Aaron ThomasSr. UX Designer @ Investor’s Business Daily

    UXPALA Director of Content Strategy

    As a former Product Manager turned UX designer, Aaron enjoys small teams where ideas and insights can turn into delightful experiences in a jiffy. Aaron’s key areas of focus are inclusive collaboration, design management and giving back.

  • Samantha ChowUX Designer at Hot Topic

    UXPALA Content Strategy and Information Architecture Associate

    Though Sam started her career in public relations, she turned her strength for strategic thinking towards UX when she transitioned into the field in 2017. She’s spent the past 3 years designing for everyone from comic book lovers at Comic Blitz to Oscar winners at AMPAS.

  • Dan SeldenSr. Product Designer @ PeerStreet

    UXPALA Director of Technology

    Formerly a landscape architect, Dan spent the last decade designing and developing for the web. Dan’s fascinated by the intersection of the physical and digital and I’m passionate about building experiences that bring these worlds closer together. He currently works as a Sr. Product Designer at PeerStreet.

  • Jeff LoweUser Experience Designer @ Foundation for California Community Colleges

    UXPALA Technology and Content Strategy Associate

    Designing experiences that enriches the user’s life has always been Jeff’s passion. With about 4+ years of both industry and freelance experience, he’s designed experiences for small startups to thriving educational systems, like the California Community Colleges with over 2.1 million students.

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