UXPALA Design Principles

We value community, knowledge, service, and process

 In 2021, the Principles team set out to establish a formal set of principles to help guide decision making across our volunteer organization. Through a variety of methods—many of which engaged the broader UX community—the team crafted a set of “earliest testable principles” to put into practice. We hope these provide a solid foundation that let us test their application across a variety of teams… each project or decision should land among these overlapping values. 

No organization is static and likewise its principles must evolve… and if they ever feel stale, we encourage future volunteers to further refine or redefine them as they deem necessary.


Create connections

A unified community is not just about being in the same physical place or in the same social media group. It’s about being connected with others that share the same values, interests, and drive. UXPALA brings a worldwide community together that are bright, curious, and forward-thinking folks who push and support each other.


Embrace multiple perspectives

Whenever we present knowledge, we bring together multiple perspectives to cultivate a holistic take on UX topics. Things are rarely black and white, and presenting a range of opinions means our audience will be informed to make up their own minds. Multiple points of view over pay for play. We don’t sell out.


Think out loud

We don’t make decisions behind closed doors. We share our motivations and methodology and we’re open and honest about how we arrive at decisions — even if the process is imperfect. We encourage participants to challenge us so that we can improve the ways in which we do things as an organization and learn from those who participate in the broader community.


Put people first

To be truly thoughtful, empathetic, and generous means providing unbiased service to those who need it. At UXPALA we go out of our way for others. Whether it’s giving tickets away for our events, or speaking at local schools, access is our social responsibility. We don’t compromise on prioritizing the best experience possible for the community.